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 All piercings include surgical stainless steel jewellery and an aftercare kit


Piercing London Pricing Stratford Pricing
Belly with gemstone barbell $35 $37
Tongue $35 $40
Eyebrow with barbell $30 $37
Ear cartilage with ring $25 $27
Nose with gemstone $25 $35
Nipple $30 single / $45 pair $37 single / $50 pair
Earlobe with gun $13 single / $20 pair $15 single / $20 pair
Below the belt $50 $60
Labret/Munroe/Lip $35 $37
Industrial $35 $37
Microdermal $50 single / $75 for two $50 single / $75 for two




Come by and see our large selection of body jewellery.  We carry all the hottest styles!!

Piercings over $25 include free after-care kit!

After-care kit includes:  Sea salt, Care sheet, Antiseptic or Mouthwash.

We feel that the after care of your piercing is VITAL.  Research has proven that most infections start from lack of

after-care and after-care products.    So, we now include a free after-care kit with most piercings.





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