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Piercing Care

Tongue and Labret Piercings

When it comes to tongue and labret piercings it’s all about keeping your mouth clean.  Rinse your mouth with yellow mouthwash every hour to two hours.  Brush your teeth at least four times each day and be sure to carefully brush your tongue as well.  Do a thorough sea salt rinse, one teaspoon per glass, once a day.  Tongue piercings can be very uncomfortable.  Expect swelling and mild soreness for five to nine days.  Anthony’s Body Piercing recommends a return visit one week after piercing to downsize to a smaller barbell (and plastic balls for tooth health).  For labret, also follow the surface healing procedure below. 


Ears, Belly, Nose and Nipple Piercings

A thorough antibacterial soap cleansing is needed everyday in the shower or bath, along with a thorough rinse.  Clean the piercing with an antiseptic three to four times a day, always removing any crusty scabby build-up.  In a shot glass, use a solution of a half teaspoon of sea salt in warm water and soak the piercing for ten minutes once each day.


Golden Rules                                          Tips

1.  Only touch piercing when cleaning. 1.  Only change jewelry after cleaning. 
2.  Use cotton swabs or balls. 2.  Add Vaseline to inside of nose when changing the nose pin.
3.  Do not smoke or drink with oral piercings. 3.  Always wash piercings in the shower, even when fully-healed.
4.  Only rotate jewelry when cleaning. 4.  Only change jewelry when fully-healed.
5.  Use a solution of 60% alcohol and 40% water when nothing else is available. 5.  Only move jewelry after cleaning and moistened.
6.  Keep all oral piercings to yourself until fully-healed. 6 Over-rotating and removing the jewelry can cause unnecessary irritation.
7.  Contact Anthony or a physician in case of infection.  


Anthony is very concerned about the healing of your piercing.  If you ever have any questions or problems with your piercing, please contact him immediately at Gibraltar or in Stratford, by phone or by e-mail at .



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